Besides being the guitarist in one of Denmark’s most successful bands, Nephew, Kristian Riis is one of the most active entrepreneurs in the Danish music industry. He is the co-founder of Volcano – a company with impressive roster dealing with artist management, booking and mangement of the Copenhagen venue Bremen.

Kristian Riis is a Rebel Academy mentor. Riis is also an export consultant for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former CEO of Music Export Denmark. He is a sought after public speaker – his talks are known to inspire listeners and change their prejudices on subjects at hand.

Riis’ approach is characterized by always emphasizing potential mutual benefits of collaborations between artists, governmental initiatives and businesses. He has consistently demonstrated that it is possible to achieve positive outcomes for all parties in such collaborations by respecting and challenging the core identity of everyone involved. A true entrepreneur with a firm belief in future possibilities for the music industry, Riis is a guy who has succeeded with his vision, mission and method.