We hereby announce film-maker Asger Leth as one of the Rebel Academy mentors. Leth is the award-winning director of the documentary Ghost of Cité Soleil. He also co-wrote The Five Obstructions, a film about his father, Jørgen Leth, and Lars Von Trier, the Danish director extraordinaire.

Asger Leth is currently directing what might turn out to be a true Hollywood blockbuster: Man on a Ledge, featuring Ed Harris and Sam Worthington among others. Evidently Leth is a film-maker experienced in everything from independent film making to Hollywood scale productions.

Leth is a cultural entrepreneur who initiates and executes large, creative undertakings within the film industry. He possesses a strong artistic point of view and the ability to organise and lead substantial production teams of highly skilled individuals in the co-creation process of filmmaking. In the micro-cosmos of film creation, where each film requires exceptional business skills to produce, he is a force to be reckoned with.