Passion As The Initial Spark

Rebel Academy mentor Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius sums up how he went from being a high school kid without focus to becoming deeply involved with most aspects of entrepreneurship.

Cash Is More Important Than Your Mother!

When I ask entrepreneurs about their biggest challenge, the most common response I get is “access to capital”. But why is that the case? Are bankers stupid and venture capitalists ignorant?

Not More - Just Better

Anne Skare Nielsen has made a video where she explains how business success in the future will not be measured in terms of quantity, not in terms of selling a lot of stuff or having a lot of employees.

Creative Entrepreneurs - Culture Vs. Business

It’s important to go with your gut feeling and not to compromise your integrity. In my view we only move in quantum leaps when we embrace the many commercial opportunities that are out there.

Welcome To Rebel Academy

Rebel Academy is an inspirational platform for creative and cultural innovators and entrepreneurs. The idea for Rebel Academy surfaced after I had held a few talks about being a creative entrepreneur.