We strive to be a leading community for creative and cultural entrepreneurs. It is an incubation platform for projects and collaborations; a place to connect to other businesses and individuals. In summary: the place to share and collect knowledge and inspiration on creating and running businesses as a creative entrepreneur.

We believe in sharing ideas and know-how instead of keeping them to oneself. It is not the single idea that makes you special, it is your ability to come up with good ideas and get them realised - this is what stirs interest and gains you followers.

In addition to a community consisting of extremely innovative and forward thinking businesses, Rebel Academy also offers our users a mentor board.

The mentor board consists of some of the most successful and inspiring creative businessmen and women in Denmark today. You can learn from these entrepreneurs both online and offline.

Speaking of offline, Rebel Academy is not only an online platform. Talks, conventions and other events of great relevance to our users will happen throughout the year.

Rebel Academy is all about connecting, collecting, inspiring and creating cultural businesses. We mean it when we call it a community, almost all Rebel Academy content is generated by the users themselves in addition to relevant editorial content and mentor features.

Business Unusual.